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Sunyani Deserves Better Demo: Conveners Assure Peaceful Constitutional Right Exercise

SUNYANI DESERVES BETTER DEMO: Conveners Assured Peaceful Constitutional Right Exercise Come Friday

Sunyani, Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

The conveners of the ‘Sunyani Deserves Better’ demonstration coming Friday, December 10, 2021 have assured the exercise, which is Constitutional Right of every Ghanaian and for that matter the people of Sunyani shall be peaceful from 7am sharp and afterwards.

They therefore called on developmental goals oriented people and every citizen of Sunyani and in the entire Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions who have Sunyani at heart to come in their numbers to add forces in one accord to demand their fair share of the national cake as citizens and not spectators.

Mr. Atta Akoto Senior, President of the Sunyani Youth Development Association (SYDA) regretted the immeasurable contribution of Sunyani and the Bono region to national growth in terms of agriculture, sports and others, but, the regional capital and people living in have always been treated like ‘cash cow and third grade citizens’ when it comes to doing developmental projects by successive governments.

He was speaking in an interview with this writer on Tuesday evening to emphasize the intentions of the people of Sunyani to embark on their constitutional and civic right demonstration to register their displeasure about how they felt being left out in developmental projects despite their immense  contribution to Ghana’s growth.

This was following a letter they received from the Sunyani Divisional Command of the Ghana Police Service at exactly 10:42am on Tuesday, 7 December, 2021 requesting for suspension of the intended demo to later on in March 2022.

According to a copy of the letter available to this writer, “Lack of personnel to deploy on 10/12/21 because all personnel have been detailed to perform day and night patrols due to the Xmas and New year festivities”.

“The expected participants in the intended demo has been pegged at one thousand aggrieved men high above the few standby MTTD personnel who are likely to face traffic congestions on the said “D” day”, the Police letter stated.

But, in their response, the conveners of the Sunyani Deserves Better Demo stressed “having perused the letter we wish to state that we still intend to embark on the demonstration because we see your reason assigned as untenable and for that matter projecting our city to attract the needed development cannot be postponed”.

Further more, “it would be a great disservice to our people as they share in the sentiments of our call, moreover there is no guarantee that the staff strength of the police would support the proposed demonstration in March”.

“We therefore count on your cooperation as we exercise our constitutional right”, the response letter to the police signed by Atta Akoto Senior, President and Nana Akomea Sakyi, Secretary respectively said.

They copied the President, Bono Regional House of Chiefs.
The President, Sunyani Traditional Council.
The Regional Commander, NIB
Sunyani for Development
On Tuesday, 26 of November 2021, the Sunyani Deserves Better Demo conveners sent a request for Police Escort Request Letter to the Ghana Police Service in Sunyani hence, the Police in response on Tuesday, December 7 also requested the suspension of the demo.

In a random reactions of the people in Sunyani, Mr. Ansu Gyeabour said he “even wish the Friday is now for him to lead the demonstration”, saying “we must be  awake with one voice to relieve the plight of the city”. 

Moses Acquah told this writer he is done with organizing his people from Yawhima, a suburb in Sunyani to massively support the Sunyani Deserves Better Demo. He explained dust inhalation is killing them for many years and this is the opportunity for them to express their dislike about the undue pains they are going through.

According to Madam Margaret Kyeremaa, a trader, no one should dare interfering in the demonstration, saying, the level of indiscipline among the younger children now a days in Sunyani is as a result of lack of a place like children’s park they could go and learn more other things beneficial when schools are on vacation.

Below are the letter from the Police and response from the conveners.

Police request
Conveners response to the Police

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