We stand for the development of Sunyani

Our Mission Statement

Providing platform for total youth and community development through the involvement of the youth in all activities of Sunyani

Our Vision Statement

To ensure safe and secured communal living for brighter future of the youth and consolidate the gains of our predecessors

Our Objectives

  1. Advocate for sustained resource mobilization for the youth development
  2. Promoting the spirit of patriotism among the youth
  3. Undertaking advocacy sessions and youth to create avenue for accountability for people in position of trust
  4. Advocating for active youth involvement in development projects through volunteerism
  5. Supporting the development of the youth policies and edutainment materials for stimulating youth and community dialogue
  6. Providing platform for life skills acquisition and wealth creation training
  7. Sensitizing the youth about the need to protect our cultural heritage
  8. To inculcate into the youth he culture of consensus building and the culture of arbitration as a means of conflict resolution to promote peace and harmony
  9. To seek the involvement of qualify youth with the right skills and competencies in institution and various agencies in Sunyani

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