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Confusion Galore, Heightening Flame Amongst NPP Executives In Sunyani

Confusion Galore, Heightening Flame Amongst NPP Executives In Sunyani. 

FIAPRE, near Sunyani, Thursday, May 27, 2021. 

Three Executive Members of the Ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Sunyani East Constituency were on Wednesday arraigned before the Fiapre Circuit Court in the Sunyani West Municipality for assaulting the party’s communications director. 

A heightening continual flame amongst members of the party and very high factions particularly in the Executives of the Sunyani East Constituency is subsequently resulting in assaults, necessitating Legal Actions against themselves. 

Messrs Evans Kyere, a Deputy organizer, Mohammed Ibn Ahmed, Youth Organizer and Christian Gyabaah, a research and electoral officer respectively have been accused of assaulting Maxwell Mahama, their Constituency’s communications Director who is the Sunyani Municipal manager of the National Health Insurance Scheme. 

According to sources, the incident that happened at the constituency office during executive meeting took the intervention of some executives and eye-witness to rescue Maxwell from the grips of the accused persons from further beatings at about 1830 hours on March 6,2021. 

Investigations established that the accused persons indeed assaulted the victim and they were arrested on March 8, 2021 and arraigned for Court. 
They were charged with assault which was in contrary to Section 84 of the Criminal Offenses Act, 1960 (Act 29). 

The Court was Presided over by Miss Rita Amoanywaa Adusa on Wednesday May 26, and adjourned the case for the accused persons to re-apear before the Court on Wednesday, June 23 this year. 

According to Inspector Emmanuel Sampson, the prosecutor, Maxwell was beaten at the party’s constituency office during a meeting hosting a team of researchers from Accra. 

The researchers were on regional fact finding missions to ascertain what caused the NNP to lose many votes in the Bono Region during the 2020 General elections and other constituency matters. 

In the course of the meeting, the prosecutor said Kyere and Gyabaah raised concern to the effect that Maxwell Mahama has been suspended by the Bono Regional Secretariat of the Party and therefore can not be part of the meeting.

He said the chairman of the research team told the executives that though Maxwell had been suspended but he could join in the meeting. 

After the Chairman’s remarks, he said Maxwell requested to clarify the issues regarding his suspension then immediately after addressing, the three executives became offended, pounced on him and subjected him to merciless beatings.

Maxwell then rushed to the Police station with a mark on his stomach reddish right eye and bruises on his face and reported the matter. 

Police medical report form was issued to him to attend hospital for treatment and has since returned the medical form fully endorsed by Dr. Justice Owusu-Acheaw, a medical officer at the Sunyani Municipal Hospital  which their respective investigations brought the arrest. 

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