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Hepatitis ‘B’ Prevalence High In Some Farming Communities Around Sunyani

Hepatitis ‘B’ Cases High In Antwikrom Sub-Municipal – Dr. Addai

Antwikrom near Atronie (Bono Region), March 30, 2022

Dr. Kwadwo Addai, in charge of Antwi Krom Sub-Municipal, in Sunyani said occurrences of Hepatitis ‘B’ cases in the area was highly increasing. 

He worried that five (5) out of every 100 people test positive of the Hepatitis ‘B’ virus in the farming communities including Benue Nkwanta, Antwi Krom, Atronie, Yawsae, Atuahenekrom, Daadom and their environs.

Dr. Addai was speaking in an interview with Newsmen at Yawsae and stated it is highly possible others have the virus, but, not likely to be detected at the window period, unless after sometime.

According to Dr. Addai, the mode of transmission of the virus, thus, through body fluid and unprotected sex makes it more dangerous and needed urgent national attention.

He said the Hepatitis ‘B’ virus causes (Hepatocarcinoma), a liver Cancer that damages the liver cell and makes it non functional in the body system.

Dr. Addai stated “liver cells are not replaceable when affected”, therefore, the nation must increase concern with serious measures and attention to stem the spread of Hepatitis ‘B’ virus.

In that regard, Dr. Addai highly recommended that Hepatitis ‘B’ test and vaccine should be put on the National Health Insurance cover for the populace would have free test and vaccination against the virus.

Dr. Addai explained that cost for Hepatitis ‘B’ test and jab scares many people, particularly in the rural communities to willingly go for the vaccines and that was  relatively increasing spread of the virus because of the financial constraints.

Dr. Addai therefore pleaded with the NHIA to consider the inclusion of Hepatitis and other tests on the scheme to help particularly people in the rural areas.


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