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Invest in the herbal industry to bolster Ghana’s economic strength – CEO to government

Nkonsia (Wenchi), April 12, 2023

Mr. Ibrahim

The Herbal industry has high potential to save Ghana’s economy and particularly earn the nation huge foreign exchange if given the needed support and boost by the government, Mr. Amadu Ibrahim, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IBNADJT enterprise has reinterate. 

He stated a nation that is ready to develop must prioritize the health of its people, therefore pleaded with the Ghanaian government to hugely invest in the home grown interventions such as the herbal industry to create more sustainable jobs for the populace, mostly the youth and bolster the strength of the economy.

Mr. Ibrahim was optimistic that investing in the herbal sector would not only improve the quality of health of the people, but also earn the country huge foreign exchange.

He was speaking to the media last Monday at the launch of “IBRAMINA 2K”, a herbal mixture produced by IBNADJT Enterprise, a legal entity located in Wenchi Nkonsia in the Bono region.

Ibramina 2k Herbal Mixture is an oil based herbal product approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for the “benefit and particularly the General Wellbeing of mankind”, he revealed.

History of Ibramina 2K 

Ibramina 2K Herbal Mixture with FDA number (FDA/HDI.22-12623) emerged in the year 2020 when the entire World was gripped in fear as a result of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Mr. Ibrahim, “an inspiration from divinity came to us with an idea of preparing some herbs to improve the health of mankind”.

He said the processes started with going to Centre for Plant Medicine Research (CPMR), also known as the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (CSRPM) at Mampong Akuapem in the Eastern Region for the necessary rudiments to ascertain their claim.

Their claim was that Ibramina 2k Herbal Mixture was a medicine they were certain could fight the deadly Covid-19 virus.

However, having gone through the various tests, “it was proven to be a medicine that could be used as an immune booster”, Mr. Ibrahim told the media.

About Ibramina 2K Herbal Mixture
Mr. Ibrahim further hinted they have discover “other potentials of the Ibramina 2k Herbal medicine and therefore will go through all the processes again for scientific verification and authentication” for the general public to get the full benefit of the product.

The Head of Operations, Mr. Atta Akoto Senior said all herbs, materials and ingredients used to produce the Ibramina 2K Herbal Mixture were generated in Ghana for medical solution of the global population for 2000 years and beyond.

Mr. Atta Akoto Snr

He assured that “every aspect of the product including its marketing processes will critically be looked at for further improvement to ensure that its efficacy and availability were not compromised”.

Adding that, the Ibramina 2k herbal product will go through all processes and requirements to make it available to the international market as well. 

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