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Religious Bodies Must Contribute To Fighting Corruption – Presiding Bishop

The church, a key contributing agent for national development

By Christopher Tetteh, Wenchi

Saturday, September 14, 2019.

Most Reverend Dr. Kwabena Boafo, the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist church Ghana has implored religious bodies to contribute to fighting against corruption and other human activities that draws back national growth.

He said they should use their pulpits to preach messages that could transform the heart and minds of the members to avoid such corrupt acts in their daily endeavors.

The Presiding Bishop said this in an interview with the media in Wenchi, at the closure of the 26th Biennial National Delegates Conference of the Methodist Singing Bands on Thursday.

What is the impacts of the message we are preaching as a church? he quizzed.

Most Rev. Boafo noted that members of the church are those who are in government, the Directors, CEOs, Managers, the market women, Police men and other public sector workers.

Therefore, at the moral gatherings, the messages must aimed at touching the people’s hearts to be morally transformed and discipline towards national development and also guide them to eternal life, because “when we mention corruption, they are the same people involved, he said.
We the individual citizens has a key role to play and this is how we can contribute in fighting such corruption canker which is always mentioned in every government.

Most Rev. Boafo emphasized that the churches are to help bring societal glory and contribute to holistic development through our preaching. We called ourselves Christians, but we are the same people destroying government properties and causing financial lost to the state.

Demanding incentives and bribes before doing what is expected of you to do as individual citizen at the workplace and the society, as well as backbiting, the Presiding Bishop underscored are some of the factors breeding corruption and suppose not to be mentioned among Christians.

Most Rev. Boafo stressed that “this is our country and we have no excuse than to contribute our quota by bringing out ideas to help the governments develop it for our own future generation”.

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