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Seamstress apprentices laments over high cost of learning materials

High cost of learning materials for tailor apprentices

Sunyani, March 9, 2023

A section of tailor/seamstress apprentices in Sunyani says the cost of learning materials is unbearable to them in recent times.

They spoke in a random interview on Wednesday and pleaded with President Nana Akufo-Addo to reduce cost of items on the market so that they can afford what is needed for them to learn the trade.

The apprentices lamented “prices of thread, lining, stiff, kaliko and other petty-petty materials but so important in tailoring have risen beyond normal these days and we can not afford”.

“Just last year, one yard of kaliko was GHc7 but today is GHC18, what we normally buy at GHc2.50p is now GHC7 or GHc8, why”, a second year apprentice by name Normenyo quizzed.

Yiadom bemoaned that learning materials and transportation cost take more than GHc25 everyday.

“I’m sometimes compelled to starve because the money can’t even buy what is needed”.

She expressed pains in high cost of drinking water, saying “we buy a sachet of water at 0.50 pesswas and urinate at a cost of GHc1 anytime, how should this be the case”?

“This doesn’t sound well for me, President Nana Akufo-Addo should not just tell us something, but do something about it”.

“Sometimes most of the apprentices don’t come to work because of money”, a Mastercraftsman worried.

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