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Sunyani Deserves Better Demo: Police To Play Role In Traffic Management And Full Protection

SUNYANI DESERVES BETTER DEMO: Police To Play Role In Traffic Management and full Protection

Sunyani, Thursday, December 9, 2021.

A cemented outcome of a fruitful discussion with the Sunyani Divisional Command of the Ghana Police Service and the conveners of the ‘Sunyani Deserves Better’ demonstration on Wednesday indicates that issues have been finalized, the Police are coming to play their role in ensuring traffic management and full protection of the demonstrators on Friday, 10th December 2021.

We are pleased to affirm that all doubts concerning the demonstration have been cleared, the demo is coming on live as planned on Friday, Mr. Atta Akoto Senior, President of the Sunyani Youth Development Association assured.

The demonstration is to peacefully exercise their constitutional and civic right to demand their fair share of the national cake as citizens, he told this writer on Thursday.

“We request that all who will participate in this procession will show good conduct and not anything untoward”.

We are grateful to everyone for your cooperation and maximum support so far, let’s come in our numbers to show love for our city and region because Sunyani and Bonoman deserves better.

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