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Sunyani Deserves Better Protesters Petitioned President Nana Akuffo-Addo

The Bono/Sunyani Deserves Better Petition To President Nana Akuffo-Addo Through The Bono Regional House of Chiefs.

Sunyani, Friday, January 7, 2022

Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, Vice President, Bono Regional House of Chiefs receiving the petition from Mr. Ransford Antwi.

Protesters of the ‘Sunyani/Bono Deserves Better’ demonstration on Friday, December 10, 2021 petitioned President Nana Akuffo-Addo through the Bono Regional House of Chiefs (BRHCs) about things they felt were causing retrogression in the development of Sunyani and Bono Region. 

The demonstration was organized and actively led by Mr. Ransford Antwi, the Chief Executive Officer for Suncity Radio, Mr. Atta Akoto Senior and Nana Akomea Sakyi, President and Secretary respectively for the Sunyani Youth Development Association (SYDA).

Others included Mr. Lord Ziko, CEO of Bechem United and former CEO of BA United, Nana Kwame Addai Kuntuma IV, Nifahene of Sunyani Traditional Area.

According to the protestors,
 Chiefs are custodians of the land and also key players in the central governance system, they are part of the Council of State, therefore, they (Chiefs) can well explained the issues pertaining to the lack of development in the region to President Nana Akuffo-Addo and the Sector Ministers.

Amongst the key issues captured in the petition and displayed on placards were “Bono Needs it’s Share of the National Cake, Where is the €153.9 million money for our water expansion since 2014, Sunyani Deserves 65,000 capacity stadium, Bring back our Airport”.

Others included “Fix New Dormaa to Yawhima Road, Fix our Children’s Park, Reverse the Sold South Ridge Lands, Gentility is Not Stupidity, Stop Selling Government Lands In Sunyani”.

Again, “Sunyani  Deserves Ultra Modern Market, Complete Our Ring-Road, CNC Building Should Not Hit Pension Age, complete it now, Our Regional Library is Behind 19 years Schedule, complete it now”.

They worried the late Ebony, a rising Ghana highlife musician from Sunyani wouldn’t have died in her early 20s if the Sunyani Airport was operating. 

Both Abena Maaboah and Obaapani Yaa Ampoma, aged 101 and 91 respectively took active part in the demonstration and told the media “we feel that Sunyani and the region is one of the huge contributors to building Ghana, but, lack many things we should have seen by now.

All cameras directed to Sunyani that Day.

“It is for this reasons that though we are almost at the entrance of our ancestors, we would fight for the welfare of the next generation”.

Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II ,Drobohene and Daasebre Dr. Amankona Diawuo II, Berekumhene and Baafi Nsiah, Registrar at the BRHCs received  the petition on behalf of the House and commended the Sunyani Youth for Development Association for a very peaceful demonstration.

He said “you respectfully obeyed the laws and presenting the petition without any chaos” and assured he would convey the request to the House. 

“We know you want development and same as the Traditional Authorities, therefore we will collaborate to ensure that the people of Bono get it’s share of development” he said .

Nana Pomaa in her Traditional Warriors’ wear with a placards that reads “SHOW OUR TRADITIONAL LEADERS RESPECT”.

Nana Akua Pomaa, Kronti Akwamuhemaa of Sunyani who also took active part in the demonstration said she was hopeful when the petition is finally presented to President Nana Akufo- Addo, their grievances would be addressed.

She indicated the youth of Sunyani have harboured these grievances for a very long time “I think what we are doing is in the right direction and it’s time the authorities listen to our issues and address them accordingly” , she added.

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