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SYDA Gets Mastercraftsmen For Its Fashion Department

SYDA gets Mastercraftsmen for its fashion department

Sunyani, April 30, 2022

Trainees in sewing

The Sunyani Youth Development Association (SYDA) has gotten well experienced mastercraftsmen for its fashion department of the Training Center.

They possessed several years experience in the fashion and designing profession. 

They are Ms. Oforiwaa Margaret and Ms. Janet Acquah Yeboah who have joined SYDA in April 2022 as volunteer trainers of the fashion department.

The Association currently has 36 trainees, 30 females with the fashion department that comprises of bead crafting, sewing, Kente weaving and hair dressing.

The remaining six (6) are males undergoing practical training with the auto mechanic department at the Sunyani magazine.

The Association has graduated 22 trainees who were among the first batch trainees of the “SYDA Integrated Sewing Projects”.

The graduands have duly completed their practical trainings and fulfilled all the requirements of the Association.

They were 19 females and one male in bead crafting as well as  two (2) females in sewing who have passed out respectively and have been awarded with certificates as part of the National Youth Day celebrated in November 2021.

Hair dressing

The Association currently has 11 active volunteers (4 males and 7 females).

Two of the volunteers, male and female were trainees in bead crafting who have passed out, graduated and joined as volunteer trainers and currently training others.

Smock weaving

They are Ms. Fati Iddrisu and Mr. Vincent Adu Dankwa.

Speaking in an interview with SYDA external Relations Officer for the Association’s online publication, Mr. Vincent Adu Dankwa who was a trainee and now a trainer said “I was passionate for skill work, hence the decision to join SYDA as a volunteer because of its aim and activities”.

He joined as a trainee when he was in the Secondary School studying Visual Art and now, he is a trainer in bead crafting and has also been sewing men hanging bags.

“Because of who I wanted to become in future, I began following my Uncle, (a carpenter) immediately I completed Junior High School”.

According to Mr. Dankwa, “I was eager to get a better place I could learn the skill of my choice and subsequently came to SYDA when I was in the Senior High School to improve my skills and competency”.

Bead crafting

“I was motivated to join as a volunteer because of how committed leadership of the Association is in impacting the lifes of young people”.

He encouraged all the trainees to exhibit high level of seriousness for them to also become qualified and experienced trainers in the nearest future.

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