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Use NSS Personnel for National Farms

National Service Persons for food production

Sunyani, Wednesday, November 23, 2022 

Oboa-Aman Bofotia Boa- Amponsem II, the suspended Krontihene of Sunyani has suggested that the National Service policy should be agriculture oriented for food production to boost and sustain the nation’s economy.

He said the nation diverting the NSS into solely agriculture would change the fortune of the country, saying NSS personnel are more than 100,000 every year and they should be posted to national agric farms so that the country would get plantation for maize, rice and poultry production.

He was speaking at his Palace in Sunyani during a gathering of the Kontire/Toasuam Royal family to commemorate his 16 years of enstoolment on Sunday.

Nana Bofotia Boa-Amponsem II noted the national agric farms initiative has potential to protect and defend food security and reduce the hikes in food prices.

According to him, National Service Persons are always posted to institutions and Offices where their service are not needed, being paid without working and causing financial lost to the state.

Having agricultural driven national service would help save money and reduce importation of not only food, but fertilizer for farming, because the country’s vibrant poultry industry would supply animal droppings to be used on the maize farms, he explained.

Nana Bofotia Boa-Amponsem II was suspended in March 28, 2022 to 27th March 2024, but he emphatically stated he is still a member of the Sunyani Traditional Council.

Saying, “suspension does not mean dismissal”, therefore “Nana Bofotia Boa-Amponsem II is the Krontihene of Sunyani Traditional Area”.

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