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Wenchi DVLA Starts Vulganizers Sensitization On Road Safety

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Wenchi, Bono region, September 22, 2021

The Wenchi Municipal office of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has take up education and sensitization of vulganizers in the area on causes of road fatalities and their contribution to ensure collective prevention.

Mr. Frank Adu, Wenchi DVLA manager

The issue of road safety rest not on only drivers and other road users, but car tyre servicers play a vital role, hence the initiative to educate the tyre repairers through radio, Mr. Frank Adu, the Wenchi DVLA manager said.

In an interview, he said the project was to give them in-depth knowledge on their job so that their services would contributed to reducing road fatalities.

According to Mr Adu, a research done about activities of vulcanizers shown that some of them over inflate tyres and that causes the tyre to burst on the road and results in road accident because of improper way of servicing.

Some he cited was improper functioning gauge, the use of kenkey and dirty oil for the tyre repair activities and the unknown dangers such things poses to cars.

Mr. Adu stated the five weeks radio sensitization for both drivers and vulganizers covers areas including “how to detect required pressure of tyre to avoid below or over inflation”.

Others vulganizers must know was “manufacturing and expire date of the tyre and required load rating” and how to read and rightfully interprete the markings on each tyre” to give quality repair services and prevent accident.

Credit: Christopher Tetteh

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