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YESS-AFRICA Summit could move Africa from current state of dependency on imports – Committee


The YESS-Africa has potential to redeem the continent from its current state of dependency on imports through tackling the unemployment situations from its youthful population.

Exploring opportunities to the ‘Kingpins’ of Africa to fully exploit is the remedy for the continent’s economic challenges, Mr. Edward Opoku Antwi, the Programs and Technical Committee Chair has explained.

He gave the hope at a committees meeting on Thursday at the Sunyani Youth Development Association (SYDA) skills training center in Sunyani.

The meeting was to further discussions on an African Youth Entrepreneurship Special Summit (YESS-Africa) conceived by SYDA and expected to be held in November this year in Sunyani. 

Young Entrepreneurs In Sunyani Geared up (YESS-AFRICA, YES WE CAN)

The Summit would bring together all youth in Africa, development partners, NGOs, Heads of States, youth leaders, donner agencies and entrepreneural gurus on the continent to give directions to other entrepreneural opportunities in the areas of sports, agri-businesses, skills, trade and green environment where the masses in Africa can explore for improved and sustainable livelihoods.

Mr. Opoku said the YESS-AFRICA is an integrated approach to assemble development and entrepreneurship actors for collaboration and deliberation towards effective problem solving policy between governments of Africa and implementation agencies. 

The Summit is for the stakeholders to deliberate and provide a clear direction to move the highly populated unemployed youth from depending on government direct employment opportunities, but become innovators and entrepreneurs who could through their self created businesses employ others permanently and pay them deserving monthly salaries. 

It would highlight the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which aimed at reducing tariffs among member countries and cover policy areas and regulatory measures including standards, technology and sanitary to boost intra-continental trade and industries in Africa.

The AfCFTA is a mile stone to reduce poverty through creation of a single market, growing small and medium scale businesses, encourage industrialization, contribute to sustainable growth, protection of women traders, a mechanism for settling trade disputes in Africa, Mr. Nabila Alhassan of the finance and budget committee added.


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